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Top anti-theft car accessories to keep your wheels & car safe in 2020

With the arrival of a new decade, we're looking forward to a decade of new vehicle technology. The 2010s have contributed with a commenced electrification of the vehicle fleet, self-driving cars, with massaging chairs and lane assist being implemented in many new cars. This has resulted in more conscious, comfortable drivers. While car innovation is exciting, cars and wheels are still being stolen. No matter how many anti-theft prevention systems car manufacturers implement, vehicle and wheel theft is still a problem, and the statistics on auto and wheel theft are alarming (pun intended). 

We have looked at several new innovations, alongside the classic solutions that aim to deter thieves from tampering with what is yours. Below are the top anti-theft accessories for cars to check out in 2020.

Accessories To Prevent Car Theft & Wheel Theft: 

If you are not aware of what anti-theft car accessories are even out there, here is a shortlist of what to look for, depending on the problem you are trying to prevent. 

1. Wheel Locks - A new invention on the block. 

    Without a doubt, the number one theft-prevention accessory in 2020 is (drum roll)... Rimgard®. We intend to make wheel theft a non-existing problem in the years to come, and we are confident that we have the best solution to take on the challenge.

    2. Video Monitoring Systems - When tech protects. 

      A video monitoring system is probably one of the most underestimated ways to both prevent a car theft, and follow one after it has happened. While the most simple one is a baby monitor with night vision, video monitoring systems have evolved to become very sophisticated, and smart in the last decade. There are now dashcams that use AI data to keep both your car and your house safe with front-, and rear-view cameras. 

      3. Steering Wheel Locks - A classic. 

      While it may seem like an item of the past, steering wheel locks are still a popular product to demonstrate to potential thieves that your car is protected against theft. A modern car-thief will stop at nothing to get into your car, and while they may be able to do so with a cloned key or similar, a tough steering wheel lock will prevent the thief from being able to go anywhere with your car.

      4. Kill Switches - Hidden & effective

      A kill switch may seem like an extreme measure to ensure a thief could never go for a joyride in your car, but it is a low-cost way to keep it safe. The main reason? Thieves do not have the time to figure out why your car engine is not turning on, which means they will likely move on to a different car. Kill switches work by stopping any sort of electrical flow from the battery or ignition system, or through a fuse that is responsible for a specific needed part, such as the fuel pump. 

      5. Car Alarms - A 'standard', but how effective are they? 

      Car alarms. We have all heard them go off, and our first reaction isn't typically “someone is probably getting their car stolen,” but rather “someone accidentally opened the door too soon.” Most alarms go off by accident, and when we hear a car alarm go off at 3 A.M., many people don't even flinch. However, a car alarm is a cheap investment and can act as a deterrent.

      Getting this far in the article means you are truly interested in keeping your car safe. Make a smaller investment and ensure that your car is always able to get you from A to B. The end goal is to save money and time, and most importantly, to give you peace of mind.

      Let the ’20s be the decade when we leave wheel theft behind, once and for all. Car wheel theft feels so 2010s.    


      Do you have any car or wheel theft stories that you would like to share with our team? Email us at info@rimgard.com or chat with us to share your story. 

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