Rimgard® Wheel lock for Mercedes Benz, Black
Rimgard® lock for Mercedes Benz, Anthracite, grey,
Rimgard® Wheel lock for Mercedes Benz, Silver, light grey,
Product image 1Mercedes
Product image 2Rimgard® Wheel lock for Mercedes Benz, Black
Product image 3Mercedes
Product image 4Rimgard® lock for Mercedes Benz, Anthracite, grey,
Product image 5Mercedes
Product image 6Rimgard® Wheel lock for Mercedes Benz, Silver, light grey,
Product image 7Mercedes

Regular price €399,00 /Set of 4

A wheel lock that effectively prevents theft of car wheels, designed specifically to fit OEM rims

  • Patented, Swedish invention that eliminates access to the bolts
  • Drill- and pick-secured locking cylinders from Assa Abloy
  • Made from highly resistant 6082 aluminum alloy
  • Quality tested by TÜV, anti-theft certified by RISE, and performance tested by Thatcham Research

But does it fit my Mercedes?

Rimgard for Mercedes-Benz is compatible with original/OEM rims from 2012 onwards for: C-class, E-class, G-class, S-class, V-class, 

Contact us for compatibility with: A-class, B-class, CLA, GLA, SLK och SLC.

See our solution for the AMG rims where a disc covers the bolts

      How to mount Rimgard®

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      Mount once, that’s it!

      • Mount it easily yourself, in a minute or so (or get your local workshop to help out, if you don’t feel like getting down on your knees yourself). The point is - no particular tools or skills are needed, anyone can mount it.

      • Rimgard stays mounted and locked on your wheels all year round. You don’t need to worry about them until the wheels need to come off. When they do, make sure that you bring your Rimgard key (keep one copy on your key chain) and it’ll be a breeze.

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        What's in the box?

        4 Rimgard modules

        1 Allen key

        1 mounting tool

        1 keycard (for ordering new keys)

        2 keys

        4 locking cylinders

        Mounting instructions 

        Note: Rimgard is used with your existing, original center caps.
        The set does not come with new caps.

        What about...

        Salt? Snow? Dirt? 
        No problem. The lock has been quality tested by TÜV, and can be cleaned with pressurised air if needed.

        Brute force? 
        No problem. The locking cylinder is specially developed and fortified with the product in mind. It is also manufactured by a leading supplier of locks and security solutions: Assa Abloy. It has been rigorously safety-tested by numerous third parties. The conclusion? With Rimgard wheel locks on your car, you will get to Keep your Wheels.™

        Lock picking? 
        No problem. To be able to pick four Rimgard locks without getting caught, or going insane, you will need considerable skill and time. Let’s just say - thieves will much rather choose the car next to yours, with or without a locking bolt.

        Master keys?
        No problem. All keys are personal and there are no master keys available for Rimgard (as compared to locking bolts). You receive two keys and one keycard. That way you’re able to order more keys if you need to.

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