How to mount Rimgard®

Mount once, that’s it!

  • Mount it easily yourself, in a minute or so (or get your local workshop to help out, if you don’t feel like getting down on your knees yourself). The point is - no particular tools or skills are needed, anyone can mount it.

  • Rimgard stays mounted and locked on your wheels all year round. You don’t need to worry about them until the wheels need to come off. When they do, make sure that you bring your Rimgard key (keep one copy on your key chain) and it’ll be a breeze.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How do I mount Rimgard

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    Remove the hub cap. Place Rimgard over the bolts on the wheel so it reaches the "bottom" in the rims center. Fasten by screwing clockwise with the mounting tool which came with the package. Insert the locking cylinder and lock the module, and put back the hub cap. Never use a nut runner when mounting! See our mounting video here

    Can I drive with Rimgard mounted? Do I have to lock Rimgard every time I park my car?

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    Yes, of course you can drive your car with Rimgard mounted! No, of course you do not need to lock Rimgard every time you park your car! 

    Does Rimgard fit my car?

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    On the Rimgard shop, you can check what car brands and models for which Rimgard is currently produced. First, choose your car brand and then you find details about model compatibility in the product description. We are constantly expanding our range of products, so if you can’t find your particular model or brand please let us know by expressing your interest in an email to We are doing what we can to find a solution for your brand/model as well, our long-term goal is to be able to help protect all wheels from theft.

    I can’t find a version of Rimgard that fits my car, what do I do?

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    We are constantly working to expand our range of wheel locks, if we don’t have a version for your car please let us know by sending an email to stating what car you have, including what year it was made and whether or not you are using original rims.


    How long does it take for me to put the Rimgard on?

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    It takes about 30 seconds - 1 minute per wheel. Never use a nutrunner!

    Can I put the Rimgard on without help?

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    Yes, your Rimgard will come with all of the tools needed in order for you to mount the Rimgard onto your car. It is very simple. Another option is to turn to a certified retailer for help. You can watch how to mount your Rimgard here

    What colors do Rimgard come in?

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    For every car, (that we are currently available for) Rimgard comes in three colors: silver, black, and anthracite.

    Will the Rimgard rust or be destroyed by road salt? What about the lock, will it be destroyed by sand and gravel?

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    No. Rimgard is tested and certified by TÜV Austria and RISE to check for this. Furthermore, we ourselves have tested and driven over 1 000 000 kilometers without complications. If need be, one can spray compressed through the lock, as the hole goes the whole way through. 

    Is the lock really safe?

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    Yes. The lock from ASSA ABLOY is the safest of its kind and is both drill and pick-proof.

    Is Rimgard certified by third-parties?

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    Yes, Rimgard is certified by RISE (Research Institutes of Sweden) and TÜV Austria. None of them have managed to remove Rimgard in a way that doesn’t damage the rims.

    Why do you say it is unbreakable?

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    Rimgard has been tested by several different institutions, such as Research Institutes of Sweden (RISE), TÜV Austria, Assa Testing Laboratory and Volvo Cars. None of them manage to get the Rimgard off in a way that doesn’t also damage the rims.

    Do insurance companies cover rim theft?

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    It depends on what type of insurance you have, but they normally do. However, in case of theft, you still need to pay the deductible and await the delivery of new rims and wheels. We work in close collaboration with many insurance companies and are officially recommended by the insurance companies If and Volvia in Sweden.

    Do you have a warranty?

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    Yes, Rimgard comes with a 3-year warranty, with conditions similar to the Swedish consumer law.  You need to be able to show us your receipt.  Read more on

    Where do you ship & how much does shipping cost?

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    We ship worldwide, for free! 

    How common are wheel/rim thefts?

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    Wheel thefts affect both individuals and car dealers. The course of action and professionalism can vary greatly depending on what type of theft we are dealing with. An exact number is hard to specify as the statistics of this issue is combined with other car-related thefts by most insurance companies.

    How are wheel thefts executed?

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    The course of action varies depending on the type of thief, but one common method of quickly stealing wheels is to work as a pit crew within motorsport, have a look here.

    What car brands are particularly common as subjects of thefts?

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    Naturally, more expensive cars tend to be more prone to getting parts stolen, but the attractiveness of certain makes and models also varies by country. In the US two of the most common victims are the Honda Civic and Honda Accord. In short, if the wheel isn’t locked it may very well get stolen.

    My wheels are so inexpensive, why would anyone want to steal them?

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    If organized gangs aren’t interested in stealing your wheels it may be as simple as a private person wanting new wheels, and perhaps yours are just what they need. 

    Isn’t it enough to install lock bolts on my wheels?

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    No. Locking bolts have existed in different versions since the 1960s, but they haven’t made any significant improvements since then. They could provide a certain protection against theft, but they are for example not even certified by RISE in Sweden as the special keys used to remove the bolts are always available to thieves within a few months of a new version launching. Try searching for “wheel locks” on YouTube for further information on why locking bolts are not to recommend.

    What does a new set of wheels cost?

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    The cost varies greatly depending on the car brand, model and choice of wheels. With “wheels” we refer to the tires, the rims, and the brake disks. For Volvo, original wheels can cost anywhere between 1,000 - 4,500 euros, excluding tires and brake discs.

    What other costs can arise from a wheel theft?

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    If the car ends up on its “belly” after a theft the whole undercarriage can become damaged. That is to say side skirts, spoilers, exhaust systems, brake discs, wheel suspension, paint, cover plate etc. If this should occur the time it will take for you to be able to use your car again will be even longer, not to mention the costs. The sky is the limit…

    Can I drive my car without having to remove the Rimgard? Do I have to lock the Rimgard every time I park? Is the safety/performance of the car affected by the product?

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    Rimgard is to be mounted and locked into place, after which the car is to be used as normal. The only time that you shall have to lock it is during the mounting/dismantling of the Rimgard. The product weighs around 400 grams and therefore has a marginal impact on the weight of the car. Rimgard also prevents the bolts on the wheel from falling off, and thereby even improves the safety of the passengers in the car.

    I like the way that my wheel looks, is Rimgard going to drastically change the look of the design?

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    Rimgard is available in three colors: black, silver and anthracite. The colors suit most rims and blend in well. Many even think that Rimgard enhances the design of the rim. If you don’t want the product to be particularly visible you choose a color that is similar to your rims. If you want it to stand out - pick a color that contrasts your rims. Look at our product images for inspiration!Also consider the fact that an EU directive enforced in 2016 prohibits anti-rust treatments of bolts, which means that bolts on a new wheel will rust within one to two years. At present, car manufacturers put small plastic caps/knobs over the bolts to prevent the car owner from having to see the rusty bolts. However, these tend to break, as they are hard to remove without the right tools. Rimgard solves this problem completely.

    What other models will come out soon?

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    We are constantly working on adding more car makes. Tesla, BMW, and Honda are in the making and will be added shortly. After that, we are mainly looking to add American, Japanese and European car brands.

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