The car manufacturers' logos are used for visualisation purposes only, to show the final look of the product using customers' original center caps.

A locking nut is not a wheel lock

Master keys, special tools and a few simple tricks... Sorry to say, the old locking lug nut simply does not work anymore. That's why we believe protecting wheels without Rimgard is really... nuts

Get Rimgard

2400 sets of wheels, every day!

Powerlessness, frustration, cost and security, four important insights as to why a proper wheel lock is good for you ...

Pro Thief vs. Rimgard, 0 - 1 👊🏼

We challenged a professional ex-thief to get the wheel off of a car when protected by Rimgard®.

You are not covered for everything

The cost of wheel theft is often much higher than just the wheels stolen. Read about the actual cost here and Keep Yo...
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