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You are not covered for everything

The cost of NOT Keeping your Wheels is often much higher than just a deductible, and even the deductible can vary - depending on which part of your coverage you need to claim. This is how a deductible of €150 can turn in to an actual cost of €3.690. 

Some insurances will for instance have a "theft from vehicle" coverage with a very moderate deductible, e.g. €150. However, since your car is most likely going to suffer damage, it will be the comprehensive coverage that comes into play, with a significantly higher deductible, approx. €750

Let's say you have some extra equipment on your car, lists along the side, etc. Unless you have the additional "comprehensive for extra equipment" these might not be covered at all. The same applies for covering transportation expenses for when being without your car, and even towing, these need to have added to our insurance. Transportation coverage is a fixed amount for a limited time, e.g. €30 per day in 30 days. 

And then, the final piece of the equation spells "Actual Cash Value" which means that regardless of how well you have kept your wheels, they will not be valued as new. Some insurance companies even have a cap that does not even reach 50% of the cost for getting new wheels. 

In this case, you are without your car for 2 weeks,  car rental is €650 per day and your 3 year old wheel set's new price is €4 900, tires included. 


Comprehensive deductible 750
Car rental  490
Wheels, 50% of new price 2 450
Total cost 3 690


Towing was thankfully included, and you did not have any extra equipment  that got damaged during the wheel theft either. But still, it would have been a lot better if those wheels could have been kept in the first place, don't you agree?

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