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Rimgard - failed theft attempts

Not a single wheel theft attempt has been successful from vehicles that have had their wheels protected by Rimgard’s wheel locks. However, we at Rimgard do hear of failed theft attempts. As a fun read, I thought I would share a few of these stories.

BMW M2 Competition in Stockholm, Sweden

In the middle of November 2020, this BMW was stripped of its parts, including headlights and engine parts, in a public garage in northern Stockholm. Experienced BMW mechanics estimated that the theft would have taken several hours to complete for at least two persons with the proper tools.

During the summer of 2019, this same car had its ceramic breaks and rims stolen. After that, the owner decided to get Rimgard’s wheel locks. That is why, this time, he got to keep his wheels, despite a two-hour long theft operation!

Porsche Macan in Stockholm, Sweden

This Porsche Macan was parked in a private multi-car garage when it got its wheels and brakes stolen. This caused the owner to get Rimgard wheel locks and, at the same time, a motion-activated dashcam.

When the thieves returned, which they often do to get the brand new set, they were met by Rimgard’s wheel locks. In the video above you can clearly see how they quickly realise that they don’t stand a chance against this wheel lock. Soon thereafter, they also notice the dashcam and rush out of the garage!

Watch the video here!

Honda Accord in Lowell, Massachusetts

This Honda Accord owner had previously had their wheels stolen, which is a very common occurrence for Honda Accord in America. That incident led the owner to purchase Rimgard wheel locks.

The thieves returned a few weeks later, as they often do, and were this time met by the new Rimgard wheel locks. In frustration, they broke the passenger window in pursuit of the wheel lock keys in the glove box. However, this car owner kept their keys, as recommended by Rimgard, with them and/or at home. All the thieves got this time was a phone charger. Too bad with the broken window but it's preferable to the whole car on crates, and this Rimgard customer agrees!

Volvo XC90 in Stockholm, Sweden

This SUV owner had also been a victim of wheel theft, which is more common in Sweden than one may think, and had therefore purchased Rimgard’s wheel locks. When the thieves returned they tried to remove the locks in every way possible, including drilling the lock and using an angle grinder on the arms of the Rimgard. But all attempts were unsuccessful. The result? Once again, a very satisfied Rimgard customer!

Rimgard - first wheel locks to be certified

Rimgard’s wheel locks are now the only approved and certified wheel locks according to the Swedish Theft Prevention Association.

The BMW, Volvo, Porsche and Honda photos and video are customer created and used by with their permission.

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