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Pro Thief vs. Rimgard, 0 - 1 👊🏼

The annual number of wheel thefts, by country:
🇸🇪 Sweden: 10,000+
🇩🇪 Germany: 47,000+
🇬🇧 England and Wales: 69,000+
🇫🇷 France: 82,500+
🇺🇸 The US: 345,000+

Rimgard challenged a professional ex-thief to steal a wheel that had Rimgard's wheel lock mounted onto the rim.

Before starting he told us that locking bolts are no longer a match for a thief. All they have to do is smash a tight socket over the lock nut and it will come off. The bolts may delay the thieves slightly, but not nearly enough to deter them from actually stealing the wheels.

The Rimgard® wheel locks are patented and security tested by several third parties and institutions, such as TÜV Austria, RISE, Assa Abloy, car manufacturers, etc. But none of them had the same fire burning inside of them as Anders Adali did, our ex-thief, who has stolen for a value of more than 8 million euros over the years. Let's just say he put up a real fight.

Curious to see what happened? See the full theft attempt below.

Wondering what would have happened if he had access to an angle grinder? Or a slide hammer? Stay tuned for our next video...

(Spoiler alert - no worries 😉)

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