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How to install Rimgard®

Installing Rimgard with expanding heels

Rimgard solution for: Volvo, Mercedes, BMW, Audi, Porsche, Mini

Download instructions for installing Rimgard with expanding heels

Installing Rimgard with locking ring

Rimgard solution for: Honda Accord, Porsche Macan

Download instructions for installing Rimgard with locking ring


Installing Rimgard with fastening discs

Download instructions for installing Rimgard with fastening discs

Rimgard solution for Tesla


How do I install Rimgard?

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Remove the hub cap. Place Rimgard over the bolts of the wheel and into the rim’s hub. Fasten by screwing clockwise with the mounting tool that came with the package. Use the allen key to fasten. Hand force is enough, no tools should be used. Insert the locking cylinder, and turn the key 90°, anti-clockwise. Put the center cap back onto the Rimgard. Never use a nut runner when mounting! For Honda, Porsche Macan and Tesla the installation process differs a little. Watch our mounting videos here.

How do I remove my center caps without taking off the whole wheel?

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Check out our video of how to do this above or here. When you have removed the caps from your rims and put them on the Rimgard modules you also have the option to use a chisel to remove the caps, as the Rimgard has a slot for this.

Where should I store my keys and keycard?

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We recommend that you store one key on your regular keychain, and the other one in a safe spot of your choosing.

Never store your keys in your car!

The keycard is unique for your set of keys, store it in a safe place. We also strongly recommend that you register your keycard on our website here, for extra security.

Can I drive with Rimgard installed? Do I have to lock Rimgard every time I park my car?

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Yes. Rimgard is to be installed and locked into place, after which the car is to be used as normal.

You only have to lock your Rimgard once, when you install them, and then you unlock them whenever you want to remove the wheels from your car.

How long does it take to install Rimgard?

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It takes about 30-60 seconds per wheel.

Can I install the Rimgards myself?

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Yes, your Rimgard comes with the tools needed in order for you to install the Rimgard on your car. It's simple. Another option is to turn to a certified retailer for help. You can watch how to install your Rimgards here.


Does Rimgard fit my car?

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At the Rimgard shop, you can check what car brands and models for which we currently produce Rimgard. First, choose your car make, and then you'll find details about model compatibility in the product descriptions. We are constantly expanding our range of products, so if you can’t find your particular model or make, please let us know by expressing your interest here. We will do what we can to find a solution for your particular make/model. Our long-term goal is to be able to help all car owners keep their wheels.

I can't find a version of Rimgard that fits my car, what do I do?

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We are constantly working to expand our range of wheel locks. If we don’t have a lock for your particular car yet, please let us know by filling out this form stating what car make and model you have, what year it was made, and whether or not you are using original rims. We will contact you as soon as we have a lock that is compatible with your car.

Is the lock safe?

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Our lock cylinder is made by world leading manufacturer Assa Abloy. The lock we use is a reinforced high security lock designed for environments with high demands on both security and functionality. It is extremely resistant to manipulation and picking.

Has Rimgard been tested by third parties?

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Yes, Rimgard is tested by RISE (Research Institute of Sweden) and TÜV Austria. It is also tested by Assa Testing Laboratory, and performance tested by Thatcham Research.

Do you provide a warranty?

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Yes, Rimgard comes with a 3-year warranty, with conditions similar to the Swedish consumer law. You need to be able to show us your receipt. Read more about that here.

I have aftermarket center caps, will they fit?

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Rimgard is designed with OEM center caps in mind. If you have aftermarket caps with similar dimensions they may also be compatible, but this needs to be tested on a case by case basis. Sometimes the clasps look a little different, or the measurements are slightly different. For this reason, we recommend that you use OEM center caps with Rimgard. Please check individual product pages as there is sometimes specific information relating to center caps for a certain product.


What about road salt, dirt and corrosion?

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Rimgard is tested and certified by TÜV Austria and RISE to check for this. Furthermore, we ourselves have tested and driven more than 1 000 000 kilometers with the locks  mounted, without complications. If need be, one can spray compressed air through the lock to clean it, as the hole goes the whole way through. We also recommend that you use lock lubricant when need be.

Is the performance of the car affected by Rimgard?

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The wheel locks have a marginal impact on the weight of the car and are symmetric, there are therefore no noticeable performance changes.

Wheel Theft

Is wheel theft common?

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Yes, as it is becoming harder and harder to steal entire cars due to improvements in security systems, thieves are targeting car parts to a greater extent. It's also easier to get rid of car parts without getting caught, rather than an entire car.

Locking bolts and lug nuts haven't improved significantly since their introduction to the market in the 60s. Thieves, on the other hand, have become more skilled. That's why locking bolts are no longer a match for them. Hence why Rimgard was invented, so that car owners can actually feel peace of mind knowing their wheels will stay safe. Read more about wheel theft here.

How are car wheels even stolen?

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Most cars have locking bolts or nuts. The problem is that the skill amongst thieves has caught up with the old locking bolt and nuts. There is a wide range of master keys for each make on the market, usually within weeks from when a new version of a locking bolt/nut has been released. They can also be removed with special tools or simply a tighter socket smashed over the bolt. All of this happens way too fast and easy for the bolt/nut to work as a deterrent any longer.

First, discretely and on foot, thieves will remove your bolts. Some thieves even do this at a separate occasion, preparing your car for the theft. Second step is to simply drive up to the car, jack it up (often with the help of stones and bricks) and collect the wheels as they fall off, all done in almost "pit crew time", here's one example of wheel theft in that manner.

What car brands are subjected to wheel theft?

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Pretty much all brands fall prey to this crime, but to varying extents and for different reasons. Naturally, more expensive cars tend to be more prone to getting parts stolen. But the attractiveness of certain makes and models also varies by country and popularity. That is, how easy it is to resell the parts. Other wheels get stolen because the person who steals them wants/needs them themselves. In these cases, a few or all wheels may get stolen. Another motive for wheel theft is the value of the raw material.

In the US, for example, two of the most common car models victim to wheel theft are the Honda Civic and the Honda Accord. The reason is that they're the most commonly sold cars in the country, and the market for spare parts is thereby huge. In short, if the wheel isn’t locked, it may very well get stolen. Get peace of mind, install Rimgard on your car.

Are all wheels at risk?

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Of course, some wheels are more attractive than others. Just bear in mind that the reasons for theft vary. For the exclusivity and high value or simply new tyres. Here's an example of Honda Fit being targeted by wheel thieves in San Fransisco - for use in street racing. 

Are lockable wheel bolts not enough?

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No. Locking bolts have existed in different versions since the 1960s, but they haven’t made any significant improvements since then. They could provide a certain protection against the lazy thief. But they are often not even able to be certified, as master keys used to remove the bolts are available to thieves within a few weeks or months of a new version of a locking bolt being launched. Otherwise, removal by brute force slows down the thieves by a few seconds. Take the UK as an example: all of their alloy wheels need locking bolts, by law, and an approximate 69,000 thefts still take place there, every year. You could also try searching for “wheel locks” on YouTube for further insight into why lockable wheel bolts are not effective any longer.

What is covered by insurance and what is not?

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Short answer - it depends on your insurance.

You can get compensation for: 

- Stolen wheels 

- Damage to the car caused by the theft. 

- Alternative means of transportation. 

- Towing

You will pay
Your deductible

It will still cost you the difference between: 

- New wheels and the ACV of the stolen wheels.

No matter how well you have kept your wheels off curbs and bumps you will still only get compensated for their ACV, actual cash value. The write off for depreciation of value is approx. 15% per year. (that's 1,500 USD for a set of 3-year-old 4,000 USD wheels)

- The compensation for alternative transportation and the actual cost

Compensation is a fixed amount for a limited amount of time, e.g. 30 USD per day for 30 days. Anything more expensive or for a longer time will be on you. 


How do I return an item?

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We offer a 30 day return policy
If you wish to return or change your locks: 

1. Send an e-mail to info@rimgard.com and state your order number and tell us why you want to return/change your locks. 
2. We will send you a prepaid return shipping label.
3. Pack the locks and all included parts in their original packaging as you received them - in the same condition as you received them - No parts may be loose in the foam wrapping.
4. Place the box in an outer wrapping for protection and attach the shipping label.
5. Drop the parcel off at a Fed-Ex Drop-off Point, or contact FedEx for pick-up. The same applies for UPS if you are not a US customer. 

You are responsible for the returned items, keep your return receipt until you have received your refund or a response from us regarding your claim.

When we receive your locks: 

1. We will check the locks (within a couple of business days) to respond to any claims you may have as well as to check for any damage or scratches. We do not accept returns that are scratched or in any other way damaged. 

Damaged locks will be sent back to you.

2. We will respond to your claim and send you new locks or refund your money. (Shipping costs, custom duties, taxes or other fees that may have applied are not refunded). A notification will be sent to you per e-mail. 

Refund transfers may take up to 10 business days, but is usually faster. If your refund has not showed up in your account within 10 business days from our notification, please contact your debit/credit card provider or PayPal (whichever you used to make the purchase).

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